11 October 2011

Gorgeous Gift Basket

What is your attitude towards
product catalogs that you
receive in the mail?

Are they blah junk mail or
are they TADA! in that you
look through them and base
your purchases on them?

I think they're TADA! because
they tell you what's new and
also provide crafty ideas.

The Harry and David catalog came in
the mail recently.

You can order gift baskets for any occasion
and they'll deliver it for you.

Don't you love these festive boxes with sweet treats?

Or this basket of baked goodies?

Maybe even a selection of international delights?

These photos got me excited to
make my own gift hamper.

blah: an old basket {you can also use a pretty box,
crate, tote bag or small suitcase}

Fill it with your favorite foodie discoveries
like fruit, cookies, jam, pate' or chocolates.
For something even more TADA!,
why not things you made in your
own kitchen?

This serves as a generous gift for
a birthday, house warming or
for the holidays.


  1. ,,,i like to keep catalogs sent to me at a minimum, i'm really protective of the trees and prefer in the rare case i do receive a catalog that it's been printed on "recycled" paper.,,,but i do love me a good catalog now and again to peek through,,,have a "tada" sort of day!,,,

  2. I love them for the same reason as you do - to take inspiration for Gift Baskets. Every Christmas I make some and sometimes those catalogs bring combinations I hadn't thought about :).

    One of the sadness I have is that they don't look so good when you have to desemsamble to send by post for my foreign friends - I'm babying an idea for this Christmas sending to my polich friend. If it works well I'll share it with you - those postal boxes haven't seen the last of me ahahahah

  3. Hi Rebecca! I know what you mean. Gotta unsubscribe to those mailers you don't even want to open. I did have a "TADA" day...thanks for wishing me well :) I hope you're having a "TADA" day too!

    Hi Teresa! You've got lucky friends receiving your gift baskets :) Good luck with the Christmas idea...can't wait to hear about it!

    Thanks ladies for your regular visits!

  4. I make baskets of goodies at Christmas time..but new ideas are always welcome. A good reminder Claire that Christmas is coming:)

  5. Hi Betty! I know -- I'm in a slight panic. Need to gradually (or speedily) tick of my Christmas list. Hooray for all the gift basket makers like you!


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