21 November 2011

Centerpiece Ideas for Thanksgiving

I hope your weekend was divine!

This Thursday, we're celebrating Thanksgiving here in the U.S., a holiday marked with a gathering of family and friends, one that may involve travel, hours of preparing a hearty turkey dinner and personal traditions like watching the spectacular Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

If you're hosting Thanksgiving this year, here is a round-up of easy centerpieces to add a festive touch to your table. They make use of old jars & bottles that are quite blah, but with a little magic, they become TADA!

Fill old bottles with assorted floral bouquets; even if the flowers are from the corner deli or supermarket, when the same varieties are clustered together, the look is elevated! This idea is from the girls at Sunday Suppers.

Jordan, over at Oh Happy Day, created these personalized vases that can be used as seating cards at a wedding or place cards at a dinner party. What's even more special is that guests can take these home!

Check out this easy way to brighten up glass votive holders just by adding dry corn kernels. A lovely concept by Amanda Joy of Joy Ever After.

I'm in love with this D-I-Y chandelier made of flowers, candles, jars and twine. So dreamy on a summer night outdoors and still romantic when placed indoors on Thanksgiving night. Found this on the BZ Events blog.

Here's another version that's hung on a blank wall, discovered in the Ruffled blog. Match the flowers to the season like autumn leaves, red roses and orange mums for fall. You can fill the bottles with some acorns and twigs, too.

As you've seen in these examples, making a centerpiece or floral arrangement need not be blah, hard or fussy when entertaining for the holidays.


  1. too bad canadian thanksgiving is october, or i would've totally checked out some of your ideas

  2. Thanks for visiting Sandra! You can still use these for Christmas, birthdays and dinner parties :)


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