02 November 2011

A Memory Quilt

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

Yesterday, I told you about Making Strides
Against Breast Cancer, a charity walk
to create awareness and to raise funds.

Being part of the walk on that beautiful Sunday,
the atmosphere was upbeat and everyone
was enthusiastic to walk for their loved
ones battling the disease.

One of the things that captured my attention
was this memory quilt near the starting line:

Each square is dedicated to a memory of
a beloved family member/friend.

Some squares also celebrate survival.

I think this is one TADA! craft to make and give away
for any reason at all -- to show support during a
difficult time or to commemorate a
big birthday or anniversary.

The lucky recipient can hang it on a wall,
lay it on their bed, use it as a throw.
Every time they see it, they know
they are loved.

Here's a TADA! way to go about it: Buy some
fabric and cut it into squares. Give a fabric
square to family members & friends.
Have them decorate these with more
cloth, ribbon embroidery, fabric pens
or iron-on transfers/photos.

Collect the squares and sew them
into a most thoughtful quilt.


  1. Tears in my eyes. This is so sweet. And so kind of you to participate and share this.

    Happy Wednesday Sweet Claire.

  2. Thanks Teresa! Have a nice day!


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