29 November 2011

Crafting a Cake

Hi there everyone!

What was your favorite birthday memory as a child? I always remember birthday cakes, making a wish and blowing candles. It made me feel special when family and friends surrounded me at the table and sang me "Happy Birthday to you." I love birthday cakes, no matter how old the birthday celebrator is.

That's one of the reasons I learned how to bake cakes. I even took a cake decorating class last year.

Here's the first cake I ever decorated. I need a little more practice. It's a good skill to have and a homemade cake is always TADA!, don't you think?

And since we're focusing on crafting for a cause this week, let me tell you about Sweet Blessings. It's a non-profit organization that hopes to provide a happy birthday for children aged 5 to 14 living in poverty or going through life-threatening illnesses. The kind folks behind Sweet Blessings do this by making birthday cakes for these kids. Here's a sample:

They're not the grocery store-bought cakes as you can see. They're fun, colorful, multi-tiered and made of fondant! A cake that will surely make a child's birthday extra, extra special. And you know what? These cakes are made, decorated and delivered by volunteers! Hooray for that!

Now if only I lived in the area {they're based in Lexington, Kentucky}, I would gladly help out. Maybe this can serve as an inspiration for you to do something similar in the city that you live in -- at a hospital, an orphanage or school. But if you're generous, you can make a donation to Sweet Blessings, too.

May you have a wonderful day!


  1. Your cake is beautiful! I just had my last class for the Wilton Basic Cake Decorating course yesterday. The book in the top pic looks a lot like the one I used...

  2. Thanks Becca Ray! Yes, I took the Wilton Basic class too :)


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