16 November 2011

Display Dome

Hey, hey, how are you today?

I'm gathering a few crafty ideas from this book.

Today, I'm doing a mash-up of
three different projects:

log dome display jar by Kate Pruitt

butterfly dome by Jessica Oreck

Here's what we need:

blah: an empty glass jar

blah: a glass base for a pillar candle & a candle stick

When you put them together...

TADA!: Instant display dome!

But let's add something inside
to make it even more TADA!

blah: butterflies made with a butterfly puncher
and old magazine pages

Sandwich a piece of wire between two butterfly
cutouts using all purpose glue.
Use varying lengths of wire,
then allow these to dry.

Meanwhile, make a base for the butterflies.
Trace the mouth of the glass jar on a piece
of Styrofoam and cut around it using
a blade or X-acto knife.

Stick in the wire, making sure each
butterfly is visible.

Gingerly insert the butterflies into
the glass jar and use the Styrofoam
base as a stopper.

Put this on top of the homemade pedestal.
Secure each section of the display dome
with hot glue, super glue or putty.

TADA! It's a butterfly dome display stand!

And it's pretty in every angle!

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