30 November 2011

Crafting a Card

One of the things I like to make are greeting cards. They are fun to do and even more fun to give away. Here are some I've made in the past year from blah materials:

made from scraps of felt

created from old magazine pages

handmade using salt dough and old make-up

If you also fancy making greeting cards, may I encourage you to make some for a few seniors? I came across the organization called DOROT at a the Winter's Eve event in New York City last year. A table was set up at the shops at Columbus Circle and everyone was encouraged to decorate a card. I was very pleased to make one, if only to cheer up an elderly brother/sister. I later found out that DOROT encourages volunteerism and they have a greeting card program throughout they year. If you are interested, you'll find the guidelines here. If you can't find the time this holiday season, maybe you can make some next year {birthday cards will be gladly accepted}. Once you've made the card/s, you can mail them with a volunteer return form {download it from here} to:

Attn: Card Making Project
171 West 85th Street
New York, NY 10024

Just imagine the smiles that will result from the cards you make!


  1. is it the silver heart you made out of salt dough? x

  2. Thanks for visiting Claire! Yes, the silver heart ornament is made of salt dough...click on the link for instructions :)


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