22 November 2011

A Pretty Pie Topper

For Thanksgiving, I'm planning to bake a pie. Possibly pumpkin since I've never made one before and it's one of the traditional pies you'll find on the Thanksgiving table. In the past, we served store bought and they were really good. This year, we'll try a homemade one. Mmmm.

I have all the ingredients and I've got my trusted pie plate which I use when making quiches and graham crust pies. I've also been thinking of how to decorate it.

Maybe use mini leaf-shaped cookie cutters
like this one from Martha Stewart?
Instead of covering the top, I'll keep
the leaves on the edges.

Another version using scalloped circle
cutters, also from Martha Stewart.

Pumpkin pies don't have a lattice top
but I'll remember this modern lattice
when making an apple pie
or berry tart in the future.

But here's another idea I'm leaning towards:

It's a fun & festive pie topper made from skewers,
ribbon, paper, cut-outs and alphabet pasta!
Hooray Jordan for creating this.

I like what it says, too:
Have a grateful heart
Be conscious of your treasures

Definitely TADA! in my book!


  1. In mine too.
    This year I'm putting a huge enphasis (never know how to write this word in English ;)) on packaging and details (crafty ones) and Thanks to you Claire.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

  2. Thank you Teresa and Happy Thanksgiving! :)


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