01 November 2011

Walk for a Cause

I hope you had a fun Halloween!
November begins today...how did that happen?
Even if we're turning over a new page in our
calendar, I hope you don't mind me sharing an
activity I participated in last October 16.

I took part in the American Cancer Society's
in New York City's Central Park.

Here are hundreds of participants at the
starting line (pink balloons).

I've been doing this for the past couple of years
because some people who are near & dear to
me have been touched by this disease.
I know, so blah.

By walking and raising money, we hope to
raise awareness & one day, find a cure.
Wouldn't that be TADA!?

Men, women and children in all shapes,
colors and sizes came out to walk.

Look, even the dogs were there!

I'm energized by charity walks like this where people
gather for one cause and become a support system
to those battling cancer. They stand united
wearings pink wigs, bandanas,
hats or t-shirts:

What did I wear?

I've been wearing this pink shirt ever since.

It has cute embroidery on different
parts of the shirt.

Well, I've officially made it my Making Strides t-shirt.
I did a little blah to TADA!: I embroidered the
names of my loved ones touched by
breast cancer:




It was an honor to walk for these courageous women.

And it was an even greater honor to walk among
survivors. I applaud them and only hope
that many more can call themselves


  1. What a beautiful post...a post filled with sadness but so much love.

  2. Thanks Lori! I know that love heals :)


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