03 November 2011

Ribbon Roses

Thank you for coming over today!

This week, I've been sharing photos from
the "Walk for A Cure" event that I
attended last October 16, benefiting

Pardon the fuzzy photo; the lady walking in
front of me wore this badge. It says, "I'm
creating a world with more birthdays,"
goal through early detection and
raising funds for the cure.

Isn't that TADA!?
And what a challenge in perspective.
How many times have we complained
on our birthday, "I'm getting old!" or
"I"m another year older!", when in fact
a birthday & a new year added to our
life is a gift that we should never take
for granted because tomorrow
isn't always guaranteed.

Anyway, here's a craft inspiration
for the day:

These are ribbon roses that a lady was selling
at the event. It's a play on the pink ribbon,
the international symbol for breast
cancer awareness.

The folks who bought the roses
wore them in their hair or on
their T-shirts.

You can make your own by using old, blah
ribbon & turning them into TADA! roses.
Just follow the instructions here & here.

Have a nice day!


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