23 November 2011

Hostess Presents

It's Thanksgiving tomorrow and we've been invited to a cousin's house to feast on turkey, side dishes too many to count on your fingers, and of course sinful dessert! Now, when you're invited to a party, it's always TADA! to bring a hostess present, be it a bottle of wine, a sweet treat or a vase of flowers. I'm sharing a few more ideas for the parties you'll be attending now that the holidays are here.

For a couple who love to entertain...

...a bouquet of chopsticks they can use for an
Asian-themed party!

I got this set from a trip to Bangkok a few years back.
Whenever you travel, it's always a good idea to take
home unique souvenirs like this that can be used
as presents, favors or prizes.

Here's a better look at the wooden chopsticks,
with pouches made of fancy fabric and
elephant accents.

Another beautiful and useful gift
is a throw:

Pick a color that your host adores
and have it monogrammed if the
shop allows it.

Throws come in handy as an accent to
a chair or couch, and can easily pulled
over when reading or watching TV.

And finally, every home needs
a set of coasters:
These ones are made of linen and
are personalized with the recipient's
family initials.

Don't forget to take a gift when you're
invited to a party. It's definitely the
polite thing to do!


  1. I like the idea of a throw... like something that lasts and warms. A hug that goes bayond the celebration you're invited to.


  2. You're exactly right Teresa! Thanks for making me smile today :)

  3. Great gift ideas! Happy Thanksgiving :)

  4. Thank you Hanna! Happy Thanksgiving! :)


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