15 November 2011

Greening the Indoors

Design Sponge is a blog I visit regularly
and I got really excited when the book,
Design Sponge at Home, came out.

I perused it immediately and even
attended the book party!

I just had to try out the crafts in the
DIY Projects section.

One of the projects is making your own terrarium.

If you recall, I made my own TADA! terrarium
using blah jars & bottles earlier this year.

The book suggests using ferns and succulents. I have never tried planting succulents. I greatly considered them because they are fairly easy to maintain. So instead of a terrarium, I'm planting them in these ceramic pots:

I use them for growing herbs in the summer, but they're
empty & in storage the rest of the year.

So here I am, trying to grow succulents.
I'm starting off with a Jade plant that I

TADA! Just the right amount of
green I need indoors.

Here's how I planted it:

My jade plant fresh from the market

I transferred it into my ceramic pot

Add some moisture

Then top it off with some moss and
white pebbles from Sprout Home.

I certainly hope it lasts throughout
the winter because something green
and alive helps chase the winter
blues away.

If you have any tips on growing
succulents, please send them my way.


  1. this terranium is beautiful!! so do tell more about the book ;)

  2. Thanks Nuit! You will enjoy reading this book because I know you love pretty interiors! :)


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