18 October 2012

A Meal for One

Dining alone can be blah, but because I can't avoid it, here's my idea of turning a solo meal into TADA!:

A Meal for One

   It's a mismatched affair! But hey, my meal, my style, right? The merry mix-up has 
   shades of blue, and a floral theme as the common thread. The pretty plate (1) 
   brightens up any home-cooked lunch or dinner. A cute cup and saucer (2) perfect
   for coffee or tea. A fancy rack (3) for freshly-toasted whole grain bread, while the 
   bowl (4) is just the right size for my morning oatmeal or yogurt with fruit and 
   granola. I'm getting giddy over the flowers on the beverage glass (5) for something
   simple like water or just-pressed juice. Put these together on a tray, maybe with
   a bud vase and a pink peony, and eating by myself won't be so bad.

   And because the weather is extra cold outside as I write this post, I might just
   make this satisfying dish. How about you, how do you put the TADA! when eating
   without company?


  1. Hi Claire!
    Nice to meet you online! I discovered your blog through Laura's PrairiePeasant blog.
    I loved your post about living solo. I myself lived in a dorm for many years before going back to my parents home (I won a contest and became a public servant(a librarian) in my home city. You have a very good taste!!
    Anyway, your blog is very lovely. Congratulations!

    1. Hi Lucia! You are so kind! Thanks so much for checking out my blog and please stop by anytime. :)


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