22 October 2012

Creative Craft Punch

Happy Monday! Apologies for the lack of crafting here in my blog. This week, I will remedy that. First, let me show off my new toy:

It's a Martha Stewart craft punch

 It's heftier than the smaller craft punches I own.

And this one comes in two pieces. Magnets hold them
together to make the cut-out design.

Here's a little demo:

Position a sheet of paper on top of the base.

Allow the top of the punch to hover over the base
until the top and bottom magnets attract each other, 
locking the craft punch into position.

Another trick is to match the angled edges of
top and bottom pieces {the other three sides 
of the top and bottom are curved}, then
press down the punch on a hard surface.

Here's what the design looks like. TADA!

Since the punch comes in two separate pieces, it's
easier to add the design anywhere on the page.

In fact this craft punch is called
"punch all over the page".

Today, I'll cut out around the cut-out with scissors.
As an added detail, I curved the edges with 
a corner craft punch.

I folded some blah scrap paper in half and
curved the sides as well. 

I attached the cut-outs to the cover with a glue stick.

Instantly, I have all-occasion gift tags.

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