23 October 2012

Lacey Envelope

When I feel I deserve a little treat, I like to buy crafting supplies. Why, it's an excuse to go to the craft store! Crafting supplies are gifts that keep on giving. I buy it for me but I make things to give away. 

Here's one of my most recent purchases -- a Martha Stewart "punch all over the page" craft punch. 

It's made of two pieces. All you have to do is put the paper in between the pieces and punch away. 

Unlike other craft punches that limit the punches to the edges, this one can be positioned anywhere on the paper.  

I'm turning this blah yellow sheet into an envelope.

I finished the sides with scallop scissors
and glued two edges together.

Now, this postcard I got from Little Otsu
has a pretty home.


This is what the same card looks like
on the flip side.

I'm ready to write a heartfelt note
and give it to a dear friend.

Have a nice day!


  1. Gorgeous envelopes, Claire! It's a win win situation..you enjoy making the envelopes and the persons receiving them enjoy them too.
    Little blessings count up to big ones!

    1. Thanks Dear Betty! I'm so happy you appreciate my crafts :)


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