19 October 2012

Family Style Meals

Yesterday, I assembled a place setting for a solo meal. It was a bit mismatched but as they say, "If you want to be happy, surround yourself with things you love."  

Today, I'm dreaming up a meal for friends. Maybe a weekend brunch at home? My husband and I like to entertain every now and then, and for our next gathering, this is the look I'm going for:

Family Style Meals


Wood, white, glass and gold...I think these are timeless, match the existing serve ware we have, and can be both casual or dressy when the occasion calls for it. They don't have to be expensive -- these can be department store or thrift shop finds.

The sugar and creamer set (1) can double as a serving device for sauces {example: soy sauce and wasabi for sushi night}. The wooden plates (2) can hold anything from appetizers to dessert. The glass tumbler (3) can be used for cold or hot drinks, as well as soup or veggie sticks with dip at the bottom. Silver is the color for silverware, but why not gold utensils(4)? I found this toast rack (5) super cute! I think they'll still work for flat bread or rectangle crackers  {with a bowl of spinach dip on the side}. Maybe chocolate bars for an evening of chocolate tasting? Graham crackers for make-your-own S'mores? Or you can flip it over and serve a selection of cheeses or hors d' oeuvres on the flat side.

Dining pieces that do double-duty is always blah to TADA! And just for some crafty DIY, why not fold a cloth napkin to hold dinner rolls for an extra TADA!?

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