24 October 2012

Lattice Work

So lovely to see you today!  

Take a look at these note cards. They're a set by Vera Wang. I found them at a sample sale and I have no intention of using them. Is that evil of me? They're too pretty to part with. The delicate laser-cut details make me weak in the knees. Sigh. They're the ones you tack on your mood board to be used as a muse for a dress, a bag, a cake...the list is endless!

So that I don't appear too selfish, I made a version of this card {that I can give away} in my own blah to TADA! manner:

 Here's my little masterpiece...TADA!

I made this out of blah scrap paper and a TADA! tool:

...the Martha Stewart  "punch around the page" 
craft punch!

It's easy to use and has sharp "teeth".

Because the top part of the craft punch can be separated
from the bottom part {they attach with magnets}, 
it's easy to play around with it on a sheet of paper.  

Here's the lattice detail that I achieved using the craft punch.

I trimmed the edges with a pair of scissors and
made a triple fold to produce a 
cute DIY note card!


Your comments are very much appreciated!