16 October 2012

For the Home Office

I appreciate your visit to my blog today! I have another "wish list" and this one's for the home office my husband and I share. Our office doubles as a TV room, and a guest room if needed. I'll share a photo one day when it's a little more spruced up.

Here are a few items that I think will add some personality, as well as function, to our work space:

Home Office Wish List


The light fixture (1) is banker's lamp knock-off. I find the juxtaposition of old world pieces like pharmacy lamps and secretary desks with modern technology like laptops very appealing. Lighting a candle (2) while working keeps me alert and "in the zone". This little golden piggy (3) will secure a batch of well-loved books on our shelf, while the clear acrylic tray (4) can hold a series of jars carrying often-used supplies like pens and highlighters. The tray will make it easier to take these from office to the craft table. Also, several accordion envelopes (5) are nifty to store coupons and receipts.

Now that I know what our office needs, I can hunt for these at thrift stores and possibly do some blah to TADA! I'd like to try making my own golden pig bookends! It should be easy, I just need to follow this guide.

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