30 October 2012

Jar-ry, Jar-ry Night

Eeeep! It's Halloween tomorrow! If you celebrate it, are you ready? I have the treats but no decorations. Time to turn some blah into TADA!

If you have jars and vases gathering dust in the cupboard under the sink, now's a good time to take them out.

via Country Living
Add some black crow cut-outs inside the vase and
line these up on a mantle or shelf.

via Country Living
Make a Halloween terrarium using twigs, moss and frightening toys.

Sequined Mask Candy Jar Decoration
via Better Homes and Gardens
Dress up a glass bowl with a mask and fake eyes.
Fill it up with candy.

Bewitching Treat
via Better Homes and Gardens
Add a faux face to a vase, add scoops of candy, and cover with a handmade witch's hat. Encourage guests to help themselves to what's inside.

Mummy Lantern
via Better Homes and Gardens
Cover a jam jar with masking tape {jagged edges encouraged}, draw on a scary face, and add a votive {battery operated for safety} for a ghoulish glow on fright night.

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