05 October 2012

A Roadtrip

Hooray and Happy Friday! Do you like road trips? I do!
Today, it's off to Connecticut.

A day trip on a whim...but when traffic
hits, a detour to the local roads.

Local roads that lead to new discoveries like
this cafe I heard about from Martha Stewart.

A baguette to go and a strawberry cream puff
for a mid-morning snack {it was divine!}

Gotta check-out the local market

Tomatoes at their prime

They offer fruit picking & corn mazes...
how fun!

Lunch stop in Madison, Connecticut

The extensive menu at the Clam Castle

The lobster roll was a popular choice

Spending the afternoon at the beach

The sun was out...

...and the water was calm.

And that's how a blah day turned into a TADA! day. 
Must. do. this. more. often.

Have a joyful weekend!


  1. Hip-Hip-Hooray for Shoreline Connecticut! Gotta love Hammonasset and the Clam Castle.

    1. Hey Willow! I love your part of the world -- so many fun surprises :) Can't wait to return!

  2. So this is what a lobster roll looks like... you might gape with this but I've never seen (or ate, but I won't hold that against you ;)) one. Just read about it and somehow never came around searching it.
    You can't know how wonderful is to see pictures of things you read about.
    Thank you so much for sharing! I'm living a second (and belated) Summer through your descriptions and pictures.

  3. Thanks for your comment Teresa! The lobster roll is heavenly -- good thing it's only readily available in the summer. It's a little sinful.
    But steamed lobster (even without the butter sauce) makes my mouth water :) I hope you had a nice summer as well.


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