02 October 2012

A Stroll on the Boardwalk

I still have summer on my mind even if a sweater is now part of my daily wardrobe. As a farewell to my favorite season, I've made a summer album -- something I listed on a board in my Pinterest page.

Here are a few more pictures at the beach:

I like beaches with boardwalks...

...especially if the boardwalk
has a carnival! 

Feeling like a child again is
always TADA! 

Nice to see a friendly face

Just a few prizes from the amusement
center: monkeys in Jamaican hats

Red hot chili peppers

The cutest little piglets

Just like them, I'd try my luck to win
a giant stuffed toy!

Or a more practical prize,
an iTunes gift card.

Nostalgic noshes

Tart yet sweet

A childhood favorite

Boardwalk performers: a man on stilts
and a colorful lady on a balloon on
a unicycle

There was a costume parade
that afternoon

A mini version of the Naked Cowboy

Little heart breakers {they would win if I were
the judge}: babies dressed as fishermen 

The winner in the baby category was dressed
as a mermaid {she was claiming her prize
as I took this photo}; said mermaid rode
this dressed-up wagon with a sign,
"catch of the day". Teehee :-)

The winner in the toddler category was a little girl 
dressed as Rapunzel...yes, with matching tower on 
wheels {pulled by her Daddy}.

Maybe these will give you some blah to TADA! Halloween costume ideas? Thanks for visiting me today!

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