29 March 2013

Decorating Some Eggs

With Easter coming up, some of you might be decorating eggs with the kids.

I found this article in a magazine that showed a TADA! way to decorate eggs. Basically, you take a square of textured fabric like lace or cheesecloth, wrap it tightly around the egg and immerse this in dye. When the egg dries, it will take on the design from the fabric.

I tried it out with a few empty eggs. 

I used these blah produce sacks 
{packaging material from 
onions and garlic}.

I wrapped the fabric around the egg and secured with knots. Alternatively, rubber bands can be used.

Dunk the eggs in food safe dye and 
let sit for several hours.

Here's the result. I admit, the webbed pattern is very faint. 

The finer netting pattern on the orange egg did not register at all. On hindsight, I could have wrapped the netting tighter and used more dye.  

My first attempt was blah. But I'll turn my Easter egg into a TADA! with paint.

I choose a scallop pattern in a cheerful yellow. 

I hope it's not too early to greet you a HAPPY EASTER!

Have a colorful weekend!

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