13 March 2013

Mini Message in a Bottle

I'm a big fan of freebies, especially sample sizes of cosmetics and perfume. I think items like these should be tested before a purchase is made -- you'll never know how it will react to your skin or natural scent. 

Tiny bottles like these are also very handy when all you have is an evening clutch but still want to be sweet-smelling all night. When the vial's contents have been consumed, here's how I transform it from blah to TADA!:

I turn it into a positive pendant, strung
on a silver chain.

I've discovered that at the start of the year, some people choose a "power word" instead of making a long list of resolutions. It's a word that they want to hang on to or to be more of in the new year. These are some of those words. 

 Insert the word in the dry and empty perfume vial.
It's now a message in a bottle.
It's a message to yourself.

Seal with a small cork and super glue, followed by jewelry findings and a chain. Wear it daily and by the end of the year, you've hopefully become one with your power word.

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