08 March 2013

My First Aid Kit

I must admit, I'm a bit of a control freak and a nerdy girl scout. Yesterday, I made a list to create the ideal first aid kit. You see, it bums me out to discover that I've run out of allergy medication in the middle of the night and the nearest drugstore is closed. Or to get a cut and the only band-aid I have isn't the right one.

Not too long ago, our first aid needs could be found in the medicine cupboard in the bathroom. But I decided to change that. I simplified and put everything in a plastic box:

It's easy to rummage through, can be taken anywhere {even on a road trip}, and can be kept on a tall shelf, away from children.

It has the essentials, expiration dates have been checked, and I can easily tell when I'm running low on tablets or ointments.

I removed the packaged pills from their boxes and put them in these zipper bags {I do love a well-sealed container}. It's easier to see the contents and saves me some space.

I made sure to save the labels. I cut these out {as well as the drug facts/dosage tips} from the box and put these inside the plastic bag together with the medicine.

I'm mighty proud of my kit, but it's looking a little blah, no?

 With a little help from some printed tape...

I added a crafty spin to make my kit a bit more legit.

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