04 March 2013

Emergency Kit Essentials

Happy Monday Lovelies! I live in the East Coast and until recently hurricanes have become a common occurrence. In 2011, there was Hurricane Irene. Because we live so near the water, we evacuated to higher ground. Thankfully, there was no damage to life or property. 

Last year, Hurricane Sandy came along and unleashed her wrath. Water from the Hudson River flowed into our building's parking lot. Our main road was blocked because of fallen trees. We lost power for over a week. Despite all these blahs, I still feel blessed given that many people lost their homes and are still piecing their lives back together months after Sandy hit.

It's these natural disasters that has compelled me to assemble an emergency kit. It's a smart investment for the home and it turns blah situations into TADA! because you know you're prepared. Plus it's something we can take with us and still use even if we decide to move elsewhere. Here is my visual list: 

Emergency Kit Essentials

You can read more about assembling an emergency kit herehere, here and here.

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