26 March 2013

Surprise Inside

When we were little, my brothers and I received Easter eggs from a very thoughtful aunt. They closely resembled this:

via Sugar4U
An egg made entirely of sugar, decorated with flowers and Easter characters like bunnies or chicks. Of course we'd try to eat them, but couldn't go as far as a few licks {they were too hard}. One of the best parts of the egg was that it was hollow and there were pieces of chocolate inside! Those we devoured without hesitation.

Because of this childhood memory, here's a round-up of Easter eggs that have a built-in surprise.

via Sugar4U
Another version of eggs made of sugar, this time with 
an Easter backyard vignette inside.

via Williams Sonoma
A papier mache' egg covered in vintage paper and 
filled with sweet treats.

via MiaPuPe
My heart melts over this bunny hatching out of a felted egg.

via Fairyfolk
More little rabbits hiding inside eggs.

via bySol
Crocheted eggs and lil' chicks.

via SesameSeedDesigns
Springtime gnomes resting in egg-shaped sleeping bags.

These are blah to TADA!, don't you agree?


  1. So sweet! My brother & I used to get those sugar eggs for Easter, but we preferred the chocolate Sees eggs. The sugar ones were cute, but pretty much inedible & there was only so long we could admire them. I love your choices here. The little chicks in the zippered eggs are adorable & it's a PDF file, so you can make them any color or in whatever type of yarn you want. The felted eggs are wonderful, the tin & the sugar eggs bring back memories. Thank you for sharing these with us!

  2. Hi Samsstuff! I feel a connection with you now that we have this sugar Easter egg memory. :) Easter eggs always makes me smile. Have a nice day!


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