01 March 2013

Random Friday

If you're a regular visitor to my blog {a big thanks for that!}, you know that I like themes. I have a theme every week. Last week, it was "adhesive shelf-liners", "hearts" the week before and this week, "crafty in the kitchen." 

Themes. That's how I roll. 

Themes keep me organized and focused. But themes can be quite stifling at times. That's why I'm introducing "Random Fridays".    

"Random Fridays" is simply that. Random things that make me smile, tear up, or say, "Wow!"  And maybe, just maybe, you'll have that same reaction, too.

Here goes:

In 2007, I was at the Taste of Chicago and I had the pleasure of meeting these Clydesdale horses. I've never seen anything like them! They're known for their size {about 6 feet tall} and the white "feathers" covering their hooves. They were enormous, as if they stepped out of a fairy tale. They got so much attention, everyone wanted to take a picture. 

Each year, I'm reunited with these horses in TV commercials -- the Clydesdales are associated with Budweiser beer. If you watched the Super Bowl in February, you may have seen this very touching ad:

Sniff. Makes me cry every. single. time.


What is your opinion about monograms?

I've seen them a lot lately from bed linen, to napkins, to jewelry. They never went away, but clearly, I'm noticing them. Could it be that I want to have my own monogram? Here's a good read on how to create your own.


Downton Abbey is one of my favorite TV dramas. I admit, I was late to the party, but it's not hard to get sucked into the aristocratic world of the Grantham family and their servants, set in early 20th-century Britain.

via PBS.org
Oh, to be a fly on the castle wall as they don their beautiful costumes and film the engrossing scenes!

And with that, here's to many more random Fridays and to a weekend that's a lot of fun!

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