11 March 2013

Scent Memory

Hi everyone! I hope you had a restful weekend. This week, let's talk about scents, or more specifically, perfume. Maybe like me, you associate fragrance with different stages in your life?  

As a little girl, I remember Mom putting this on me after a bath. It was refreshing and it invited whiffs and kisses from my parents, aunts and uncles. Everyone can't seem to resist the smell of a baby, right? I associate this scent with being looked after, as well as sunny, carefree afternoons filled with playtime and imagination. 

As a teenager, I was quite observant of people I admired like my Auntie A and Auntie E. They were the epitome of style. I would watch them put on make-up, get dressed for parties, and spray on expensive cologne before leaving the house. "One day I want to be like them," I said to myself.  

When I went to parties myself, I would borrow some of their clothes and feel so grown-up. As a finishing touch, I needed a scent. No, the Johnson's cologne of my childhood would not do. I dared not ask my style icon aunties if I could pilfer their perfume stash. And I couldn't afford real perfume so I settled for this, an impostor scent. Inexpensive as it was, it captured the scent of a glamorous woman. Whenever I wore it, I had some swagger, like the spirit of my aunties giving me the license to have a wonderful time.

When I saw a bottle of this at the store, I bought one without hesitation. I was in disbelief that they were still manufactured, plus it was only 99 cents! I immediately uncapped it, sprayed it on my wrists and a flood of memories came back -- high school mixers, milestone birthdays, the confusion between infatuation and falling in love.        

Here's another cologne that I truly loved. They don't make it anymore {what a blah}, but it was my signature scent for some time. I thought it was calm, approachable and optimistic. 

The cologne Romance is pretty special. It's what I wore on my wedding day. I still wear it on important occasions and it continues to make me giddy. It evokes promises kept, emotion that is expressed freely and the thought that the best is yet to be.

Fascinating how fragrance can turn your day from blah to TADA! 

How about you, what scents bring back good memories?

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