28 March 2013

Spring Has Arrived

Spring is officially here and I'm all-over giddy about vibrant shades and floral prints to replace the blah colors of winter.

As I've mentioned many times, I adore Anthropologie and I've been spending "quiet time" looking through their catalog/website. 

Since we're all friends here, can I just share a few favorite items?

via Anthropologie
I would wear this dreamy dress to Easter brunch.

via Anthropologie
This clutch can add TADA! to any simple outfit.

via Anthropologie
Isn't this collar necklace darling?

via Anthropologie
This bathing suit reminds me of kimono fabric.

via Anthropologie
A scarf that reminds me of Impressionist paintings.

via Anthropologie
A vase to put in fresh flowers from the market.
But even without flowers, it's very pretty!

via Anthropologie
Did you know that Anthropologie sells wallpaper?
I'd use this for an accent wall in my pretend
craft room or imaginary boudoir.

via Anthropologie
And finally, uber cute napkins for a spring soiree.

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