12 March 2013

Perfume Strips

One of the fun areas of a department store is the perfume section. Sure, the selection can be overwhelming, but what a treat to check out the beautiful packaging and determine which celebrity has a new fragrance. I also like how we can test the scents and leave the store smelling fresh and fine without having to purchase anything!

Most stores have these plain white strips to aid in testing perfume. Simply spray on the paper and take this home with you to help you choose a favorite.   

When I stepped into Hendri Bendel, they had these perfume test strips for selected scents. How fabulous! I would love to paint like that. Also, each girl represented the essence of each cologne.  I think I want to be as chic as Gardenia and Vanilla girl!

Just a sample of how something simple as test strips can go from blah to TADA!


  1. So cute! And you could even frame them for some inexpensive (free!) art!
    Smart n Snazzy

  2. Hi Lia! I agree, instant art :) Thanks for dropping by today!


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