06 March 2013

Let there be Light

Hi there! Still on the subject of emergency kits, here's another visual list of lighting options when the power goes down:

Let there be Light

I love a lantern that's bright enough for the dining room or family room. This one's made up of smaller lanterns that can be removed from the base; each member of the family can take one to the bathroom or bedroom. A headlamp proved very useful when we lost power at the height of Hurricane Sandy. It made cooking, washing dishes, brushing teeth and reading in bed so much easier! Also the trusty flashlight must be present in everyone's home, car or office...just in case. Of course, how would these gadgets work without batteries? Have a good amount of fresh ones at the ready. 

Candle Light

Candles aren't really encouraged because they can cause a fire. But if you need to, it's a good idea to put them in a jar or vase for protection. Matches, or even better, a torch lighter makes lighting a breeze. This was also a life saver during Hurricane Sandy. We have a gas stove which we were able to use for cooking and boiling water, but it didn't turn on automatically because we had no power. The torch lighter provided the flame. TADA! 

Now, if you're in a crafty mood, how about making your own candles:

via Martha Stewart
Turn old teacups from blah to TADA!

via Pottery Barn
Or those one-off vintage glasses picked up from the 
thrift store? They'll work well, too. 

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