03 April 2013

Petite Pinata

Are you ready for some blah to TADA! crafting?

 We'll use these pyramid pinatas by Confetti System as our peg.

To make our version, we'll use blah cardboard boxes and tissue left over from gifts and packages.

First up, the cardboard: make one square and four triangles. The bottoms of the triangles must be equal to the size of the square {I opted for four inches}.

Link the pieces to form this shape. Secure the parts of the triangles that touch the square with clear tape.

When folded up and tips are linked together, it will form this pyramid.

Now on to the tissue paper: let's make some fringe! Prepare several strips of tissue {one inch thickness}. Fold the tissue in sections and make the fringe {about half an inch} with a regular pair of scissors or with these nifty fringe scissors {five-blades-in-one for faster fringe-making}. 

To assemble: cover the cardboard diamond with a layer of tissue paper. A glue stick is a TADA! way to attach this. Then glue on the strips of fringe, starting at the base {where the bottom of the triangle meets the square}. Trim off the excess. Keep going until you've covered the tip. Do this on all four triangles.

Attach some ribbon or twine at the inner tips of each triangle using hot glue. Allow to dry. Tie these together to close the pyramid.

Use it to wrap presents, game prizes or party favors.

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