29 April 2013

A Breathtaking Library

Hello friends! I trust you had a TADA! weekend?

One of my all-time favorite Disney Princess movies is Beauty and the Beast. The music is memorable {ex. "Be our Guest" and "Beauty and the Beast"} and the animation impressive. There are many lessons like "looking beyond appearances". Also, Belle the heroine proved to be a strong and independent lady. 

Here is a scene I can't get out of my head:

To win her affection, the Beast takes Belle to this part of the castle. He asks her to close her eyes. He leads her into the dark room, then swiftly opens the heavy drapery.

"Open your eyes," the Beast says to Belle. And this is what she sees -- floor to ceiling shelves covered in books.

Belle is a voracious reader and a dreamer who loves getting lost in a good story. This was enough to take her breath away.

Look at her precious reaction! This was my reaction, too, when I saw this:

via Rocket News 24
It's the El Ateneo bookstore in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Gasp-worthy, right?

via Rocket News 24
You can easily tell it was an old theater. Racks of books and modern amenities were added. 

via Rocket News 24
The painted ceiling...

via Rocket News 24
...the stage, carvings and columns were well-preserved. 

via Rocket News 24
How's that for blah to TADA!? You can find more images here. I hope I'll be able to set foot on this bookstore someday. And you can guarantee, I'll have Belle's drop-jaw reaction, too. 

Have a happy Monday!

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