02 April 2013

Confetti System

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When you think of pinatas, what do they remind you of? Kiddie parties, right? Well, the team at Confetti System used this as the jump-off point for the art they make: pinatas for grown-ups. 

I got the chance to see their work at the MoMa PS1, a space in New York City dedicated to contemporary art.

Entitled Confetti System: 100 Arrangements, it displays their creations at the venue's event space -- merging art with everyday life.

This is what the space looks like -- an explosion of shimmer and color.

Here's a write-up from the exhibit:

For MoMA PS1’s two-story gallery, CONFETTISYSTEM (Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ho, est. 2008) has created an immersive environment inspired by the mechanics of theatrical staging and fly systems. Evoking theatrical scrims and curtains, 100 Arrangements features new and older design elements by Andersen and Ho that are suspended from above and can be adjusted to varying heights to produce nearly endless permutations. The work serves as a performance space, playing host to live events that are part of MoMA PS1’s Sunday Sessions program. The variable environment can be reconfigured to best suit each event, highlighting a compositional system that allows for a functional design.

Mylar curtains, flower walls and pinatas suspended in varying heights.

The look of the room is easily changed with a system of ropes and pulleys.

Here are a more photos showing detail:

Pineapple pinatas

Branches and paper flowers {my personal favorite}

Honeycomb lanterns

Glittery diamonds

The view from below

via Confetti System
Just one of the parties hosted by MoMa PS1 with DJs in the house and a wild dancing crowd!

Concerts and celebrations are TADA! with the Confetti System touch, wouldn't you agree?

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