25 April 2013

Floral Displays

On Monday, we took a trip to Macy's in New York City to see this year's flower show.

I hope you don't mind if we return because I have a few more photos to share. This time, we'll look at the arrangements inside the store. 

 A window showcasing a burst of Bromeliads.

Palettes and a peacock in another window.

This part of the store was a changing exhibit. Everyday for a week, a floral creation was on display, each one made by a different designer

Here's a more detailed look of the tropical masterpiece.

Isn't this garland TADA!?

I like how this arrangement transports you to India.

More flower garlands!

On to the shoe department:

A massive half boot made of blooms!

A closer look 

Can you decipher from this photo that the shoe is covered in succulents? I wonder how many hundreds there are.

I couldn't help taking a photo of these pink Casablanca lilies that are one of my favorite flowers.

I certainly hope that these arrangements elevated your day from blah to TADA!

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