04 April 2013


I'm using the creations of Confetti System as a blah to TADA! inspiration this week.

One of their iconic pieces is this tassel garland.

via Confetti System
It's used for party decorations and shop displays.
They're really so festive!

via Confetti System

You can purchase a tassel garland here.
Or even make your own using this tutorial.

 As for me, it's gotten me excited to make a necklace.

Here's what we'll need: small tassels {I made them using embroidery thread}, a silver chain, jump rings and pliers.

Put a jump ring on each tassel and attach to the chain {evenly spaced}. Close the jump rings with pliers. You can experiment with one color, multiple colors or a gradating/ombre effect.

A tassel necklace that's as fun as the tassel garland.

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