23 April 2013

The Paper Flower Shop

I like going to West Elm. A lot. Their accessories are fresh and classic, and they're big supporters of the handmade movement. 

They introduced this new section at their branches -- the Paper Flower Shop. I'm not sure if it's temporary {a spring season exclusive, perhaps?} but I appreciate the concept.

Vessels are filled with different kinds of tissue paper flowers. You are encouraged to pick one or create a bouquet, and maybe purchase one of their cute vases to put the flowers in.

The lifelike dogwoods and the orange peonies {as big as cabbages} really got my attention. 

When I found this blah tree branch on the sidewalk, I figured, "Why not make my own paper flowers?"

I used tissue paper, a craft punch {a pair of scissors will do} and hot glue.

Here are the spring blossoms I crafted. 

Instantly, these add color and cheer to any home or office. And another TADA! -- no watering required!

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