08 April 2013

Delightful Daffodils

Howdy! How are you today? It's still a bit chilly in my side of the world and that means I can't ditch the winter wardrobe just yet.  But look at what nature surprised me with:

The daffodils have sprouted!

I wanted to bring the sunshine indoors -- I bought two bunches from the supermarket {only $1.49 a bunch}. Whenever I see them, I feel happy. 

I think Mother Nature created the daffodil as the town crier, declaring to all the world, "Spring is here". With its vibrant yellow outfit and prominent "trumpet", wouldn't you agree? 

When I see my daffodils, I stop {even if I'm in a hurry} to admire them. They tell a story of fresh beginnings as a new season arrives.  At the same time, I know how fleeting the life of these flowers are.

That's why I used them as a muse for a watercolor painting.

Here's another one...so even if the daffodils have wilted or it's the middle of winter, I have them to remind me of the coming of spring. TADA!

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