26 April 2013

Flowers on Gifts

I'm intoxicated with flowers! I guess you can tell with all my blog posts about these blooming beauties. I can't help it -- they are one of life's simplest pleasures.

So today, a blah to TADA! transformations with flowers.

I'm wrapping some presents using some bouquets. 

Okay, they're not real...just pictures. 

This one's from an envelope. 
Isn't it too pretty to throw out? 

I cut around it and glued it on a blah package,
then tied on a ribbon. TADA!

This other one's from a magazine subscription mailer. 

I trimmed the edges and infused some shine. 

I added glitter to the edges {held in place with all purpose glue}. Here's a tip when bringing on the sparkly: use a box to avoid the mess, plus you can return the left-over glitter to its container {can you say blah to TADA!}.

The graph paper and the printed ribbon would suffice, but hey, this bouquet adds so much more spice!

When wrapping gifts, it pays to sift through your junk mail, don't you think?

Wishing you a sunshine-y weekend!

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