22 April 2013

The Macy's Flower Show

Hello and Happy Monday!

It's Earth Day! Maybe you and I can do a little something today to cheer up Mama Earth? 

If you can't go outdoors, let me bring nature right to you. I'll take you on a field trip to Macy's in Manhattan for its recently concluded flower show.  

The Macy's Flower Show is usually held inside the store, but there's a major renovation going on hence the outdoor tent. You'll see by the queue that this attraction is popular among locals and tourists.

This year's theme was "The Painted Garden" with colors and images evoking Southern Asia. And because it was all about flowers, you can probably tell it was a fragrant experience. 

I think this elephant was the centerpiece of the show. 

 Draped on the elephant was this tapestry made of colorful blooms.

Walls with painted mosaics 

What is a garden without a fountain? 

Flower varieties that introduce themselves with name tags. 

Pockets of surprises 

A dreamy tent 

Splendid source of illumination

How often do you see blue flowers? 

These remind me of snowballs 

As a nod to the continent...

Bushels of spices... 

...and an exotic market.

TADA! I hope you enjoyed our trip. And since we're on the topic of flowers, remember this lovely Etsy shop I featured two weeks ago:

via Projects by Margie
Margie intricately makes these flowers out of beads.

via Projects by Margie
Great as accessories or gifts!

via Projects by Margie
Margie was delighted that she was featured here on the blog and that you guys checked out her shop. As a token of gratitude, Margie is offering a 10% discount off anything in her shop from today until the end of the month. Isn't that TADA!? Simply use the coupon code "blahtotada" at check-out. You can also "like" her shop on Facebook. Thanks Margie! Let's all support handmade.

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