01 August 2011

Here's My Card

I hope you had a sweet weekend my dears!

I've been thinking about business cards lately because
I'm in need of a new set.

I sure would love cards made from a letterpress...

...made of thick, textured card stock with
a 2-dimensional, reverse-embossed effect.

Or possibly cards that are die-cut
with more than one color.

But hey, these can be pricey and I may not
be willing to give them away. LOL!

So this week, I'm exploring ways to make my own.
Starting with these as inspiration:

Gold Teeth is a shop selling paper goods &
jewelry. The card is made from handmade
paper {I like the frayed edges}, the images &
words are hand-stamped with gold ink.

McFlashpants sells jewelry and her card is
made of craft paper and is also hand-stamped.
Claire's shop is filled with upcycled goodies & her
card shows that she's a true BFF of Mother Earth.
It's made of old cardboard and all the information is
also hand-stamped.

Fact & Fancy has already closed shop
but their business card is quite cute.
The logo is hand-stamped and the
other information is typed out and
pasted on a piece of thick paper.

More ideas tomorrow!


  1. Hey Claire! Love the new header! And I would feel the same about letter press business cards. It would be hard to part with them...they're just so lovely. I look forward to seeing more of your alternative ideas. Sorry I've been away for a while, I've been opening my online etsy shop. Have you seen it? I'm adding new items on a daily basis.

    Have a great day! xo

  2. Thanks for coming over today Reese! Your e-mail already brightened my day. Glad you like my D-I-Y header :) Good luck with the shop...hugs! :)


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