25 August 2011

Aussie Style

It's difficult for me to imagine a world without
magazines. News stands in bus stations and
airports without magazines. Waiting rooms at
the dentist or doctor's office without magazines.
I can't bear the thought! So blah!

I guess one day we'll all be totting around some
kind of tablet PC like an iPad or Samsung Galaxy,
the same way we carry mobile phones everywhere.

Good thing there are now many
on-line magazines! TADA!

Today, it's off to Australia to see
some of the magazines they have.

Adore is Australia's first online home &
lifestyle magazine. It's first issue launched
in October/November 2010 and has been
wow-ing its readers with gorgeous homes
and beautifully designed products from
all over the world.

Paper Runway is a bit different from
the magazines I've shared this week
because instead of fashion, food &
decor, it's all about paper! And if
you love paper and the many ways
to create with it, it's worth checking

Happy Reading!

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