19 August 2011

Floating Lights

Hey, hey, we made it to Friday!
Did you like my summer lights ideas this week?

Here's one more:

Number 1 blah: empty glass jars

Number 2 blah: produce sacks

Number 3 blah: battery operated votives
{I must admit, they're really a TADA!}

Number 1 + Number 2 + Number 3 = TADA!
A few homemade lanterns! Wanna see?

Hang them on something sturdy like tree branches.

They look like glowing fish caught in a net.

They even resemble fireflies!

Have a radiant weekend my dears!


  1. Oh, I absolutely adore this idea, so cute!

  2. I must say that is quite creative...I know what to do with them now instead of throwing it in the bin:)

  3. Thank you guys/gals at Cocktail Party...would love to hang out with your gang :)

  4. Beautiful lanterns Claire and just after I threw those mesh bags away. I need to start a "save for Claire's ideas" box don't you think?

  5. Hi Betty! I have a "blah" box filled with things that have the potential to be "Tada!" :)

  6. Oh my word! I am going to think twice about those produce bags.


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