03 August 2011

Confetti Shower

Hi there! Ready for another business card idea?

Katrina over at Pugly Pixel made these adorable cards
using glassine envelopes, homemade confetti

I fell head-over-heels in love, I had to make my own version:

I made my own envelopes using wax paper
{parchment paper is another alternative}.

I used a standard size business card as a guide
for the dimensions. Then I assembled them
using scissors and all purpose glue.

I found some construction paper and punched away.
Boy, if my punchers could speak, they would say,
"Thanks for taking us out to play!"

The confetti...inside the envelope they went.

Seal the flap with Japanese tape.

Write all the information using a
black marker and TADA!,
one of a kind business cards!


  1. Hey claire could you tell me where can I find those decorative punchers??


  2. Hi there Raey! I got these punchers from Michael's and A.C. Moore -- two craft stores that I love. You can also try your office supply store or department store. Some of them carry punchers like this in the scrapbook section or the shelf where they keep regular punchers. Hope you find the ones you like :)

  3. I really like that idea. Could do all sorts of things with those little envelopes. Clever you.

  4. These envelopes are pretty cool, right? Thank you for visiting my blog Vera! :)


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