26 August 2011

A Green Magazine

Howdy Friends!
Today, I'm completing the round-up of
my favorite online magazines.

This one gets an extra "TADA!",
an extra star, an extra popcorn or
whatever extra ____ you use on
your rating system, because of its
focus on the environment.

It's created quarterly in Canada by Celine & Jonathan
Mackay and their hardworking team of writers,
stylists and photographers.

The pages give you tons of ideas on how to live
a green lifestyle. From home design...

to dining and gardening...

and even choosing the right products to shop for.

They encourage anything handmade and are
very supportive of budding entrepreneurs.

They're also celebrating their first birthday!
Cheer them on at their website or
on their blog.

Have a nice, nice weekend everyone!

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