31 August 2011

A Cover-Up

I'm on a short break all this week
but I've promised to give you a peek
at what I pack in my beach bag.

It's all about prints when summer comes around.
My sure pick would be florals, on my bag and on
my beach cover-up, a.k.a sarong or pareo.

This design reminds me so much of Indian block prints and
the blue & white combination is perfect for the season.

I can use it after a swim, line a lounge chair with it or
turn it into a shawl when the night gets too windy.
Hey, it can even pass for a dress, skirt or bandana!
Just check out the options here.


  1. I'm not a beachy person... though I live close to the beach and love strolling in the beach or lounge in a chair reading or daydreaming I can't say I'm a beach enthusiast.

    But I love that pattern. I really do! Great choice, Claire!

    Hope weather is great; here is raining and Autumn is definetly approaching :happydance:

  2. The weather's wonderful here Teresa! Thanks for visiting today :)


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