30 August 2011

A Summer Page Turner

I'm taking a little vacation this week but I
left you with a little show & tell that I call,
"What's Inside my beach bag?"

One of the things I take with me wherever
I go is a really entertaining book like
this newly released one from a
first time author:

Now, I'm not one to judge a book by it's cover
but don't you think this one is so TADA!?
Weathered, romantic, nostalgic.

Before Ever After is about love -- what we do
to avoid it and the great lengths we go to keep it.
The book gracefully weaves in romance, history,
mystery, fantasy, something culinary & adventure.

It'll take you all around Europe -- London, Paris,
Versailles,Vienna, Venice, Rome, Switzerland,
Slovenia and across the globe to the Philippines!

And if that's not enough to draw you in,
check-out this teaser.

By the way, when you start reading it, take
note of all the quirky chicken & egg facts. :-)

Care to share your favorite summer reads?


  1. I use vacations to reread favorite books and novels.
    I enjoy to take safe bets when I don't have the chance to go and grab another ahahahah.

    Happy vacations!

  2. Hi Teresa! I like to re-read favorite books too. Sometimes I think about reading the novels of my teenage years just for kicks :) Thanks for visiting today!

  3. ,,,i love the classics, and a summer holiday is the perfect opportunity to tuck one of those books in my travel bag,,,hurrying to finish these final days of summer "the paris wife", oh so yummy, i can hardly wait to turn the pages!,,,have a beautiful day!,,,

  4. Hi Rebecca! "The Paris Wife" is also on my reading list...can't wait! :)


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