22 August 2011

My Favorite Magazines

Let me begin the week by telling you about my all
time favorite magazines. They were all so TADA!
but they've since shut down the doors of their
offices. I miss receiving them in my mail
box and flipping through their glossy,
mesmerizing pages. Such a blah.

Maybe they were your favorites too?

Domino was a hip, approachable decorating &
shopping magazine. I liked that the homes
featured in its pages were lived-in, filled with
pieces collected over time & brimming
with character.
They closed in 2009.

Gourmet was a trusted expert in food trends &
entertaining. I miss Editor-in-Chief Ruth Reichl
who's such a colorful personality.
The magazine ended its run in 2009.

ReadyMade was the little magazine that could.
It promoted the Do-It-Yourself movement
whether building a table or building a business
and the pride that comes with making things
with your hands.
June/July 2011 was their last issue.

She is a British Magazine with a long history
(it's been around since 1955), it's lively pages filled
with food, fashion, entertaining and decorating.
Whenever I bought it in London, it came with
freebies like a bag, cosmetic bag or paperback!
Yet again, another closing.
The last issue comes out this August.

News like this breaks my heart.
I know how much work editors &
contributors put into a magazine.
I hope that the talents that have
lost their jobs will or have moved on
to greater things.

As for us readers, I'm happy to note that
the number of on-line magazines are now
growing. All this week, I'll introduce
a new one to you (if you haven't made
their acquaintance yet).

Let's begin with Sweet Paul:

Born in the Spring of 2010 to Paul Lowe,
a food & prop stylist, crafter & blogger.

I love this magazine because of its cheerful
simplicity with a touch of whimsy.

It showcases easy recipes, simple crafts,
and wish-list worthy products for ladies,
moms, kids and even pets.

My favorite sections include "Keep
Your Eye On" (up & coming creatives),
"Crafty Friday" and pages of recipes, each
with a memorable story attached to it.

Sweet Paul is also into crafty recycling!
You'll see it here, here & here.

Check it out...I think you'll like it. :-)


  1. It is sad that your favorite magazines are gone!
    I have spotted Ready Made on line. Are they continuing with their web page or closing it too? Thanks for Sweet Paul - I like it :)

  2. I know Paskalily...sniff! I'm hoping the ReadyMade website remains...there are a lot of ideas there :)

  3. I will check it out. I share your sadness about many of the other magazines shutting their dores, especially Ready Made. But I haven't really gotten into the online mag thing (which is odd since I love blogs). Clearly I'm just going to have to make more of an effort!

  4. ,,,loved domino and gourmet and miss terribly receiving them in my little mailbox...found sweet paul (smile) isn't *he* so sweet?,,,oh happy day when a *tada* is born!,,,

  5. Hi Katie! I totally understand! An actual magazine gives a different kind of pleasure compared to its digital counterpart :)

    Hi Rebecca! Maybe we should form a group -- MMS (Magazine Mourners Society)? LOL! Sweet Paul is indeed sweet...I'd like to be his friend :)

    Thanks for visiting today ladies!


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