23 August 2011

Matchbook Magazine

Yesterday, I paid tribute to some lovely magazines
that have stopped publication. A big blah for fans like me.
The TADA! is that a bunch of free on-line magazines
are grabbing my attention and I just can't get enough.

Today's pick:

Matchbook Magazine was launched just this January 2011
by once students in Switzerland & now bestie travel buds

It's "A field guide to the charmed life," inspiring women
around the world to design a life they adore.

To date, they already have 7 issues.
Passionate, creative and influential members
of the design world grace the covers.

Of course you'll find fashion & style inside
its pages.

As well as decorating and art.

There's travel & culture too.

What I like best is that there's a lot of references
to history but the way it's presented isn't boring
at all. Just check out the "Datebook", "Icon",
"Ten Things You Didn't Know About..." and
"Encyclopedia" sections.

Another thing I like is the strong focus on bloggers
(who are not necessarily professional writers)
as contributors to the magazine.

If you go to the Matchbook site, be ready to
get lost in it's pages, learn something new
and find some inspiration!


  1. Where's your blah to tada?

  2. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for visiting today. I'm glad you look forward to the blah to TADA! transformations everyday. This week however, I'm sharing a few sites I love (TADA!) because some of my favorite magazines have closed (blah). I hope you'll find these sites TADA! too :)

  3. Oh Claire, your blog's new look totally rocks, I love the new banner! x

  4. hmm, that magazine looks interesting. i am not swedish so i feel like it would be difficult for me to access, but it is certainly something i will look into!

    xx alexandra

  5. ,,,i recently stumbled upon this online mag, "matchbook" and i adore it!,,,i must say though, there is something really wonderful about rifling through my terribly missed magazines while relaxing on the sofa, with a glass of wine or tea,,,i'm a touchy-feely sort of gal, i love to rest the pages of these glossy magazines between my fingers savoring every turned page as i read along,,,i say we do!, lets organize the MM Society, how fun would that be!,,,i love my daily dose of "tada",,,

  6. Thanks so much for these awesome comments Nuit, Alexandra and Rebecca! :)

    Rebecca, gotta have lots of tissues & chocolate for our Magazine Mourners Society :) Sniffs must be cheered up with something sweet!

  7. ,,,why of course!, we can make that happen, chocolates and tissues galore!,,,(smile)


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