02 August 2011

Photo Cards

This week, we're creating our own business cards.
Today's inspiration are these MOO Cards:

They are photos I took that MOO turned into mini cards.
They can make them into business cards, postcards,
greeting cards and stickers, too.

If you have a box of old photos gathering dust,
rummage through it and find prints
that you're willing to let go of.

I chose this photo of a colored sky.
Dramatic no?

Trim the photo to a standard business card size
(3.5 inches x 2 inches) or mini size (2.75 inches x
1.10 inches), whichever you prefer.

At the back, you can write your information with a
marker or print out a sticker label.


  1. Greetings! Your blog is adorable! I love your ideas! I am a recycling fanatic as well....#earthlove.

    xox Victoria

  2. Thank you Victoria for visiting! :)

  3. CUTE! What a simple, easy way to make cute little business cards! xxAnisa

  4. Happy you like 'em Anisa! Thanks girl! :)

  5. I use blah postcards I receive and turn them to TADA as bookmarkers.
    Lovely idea, Claire.
    And there's something utterly sweet in handwriting your details.

  6. That's a great idea Teresa! Thank you my dear. :)


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