15 August 2011

Summer Lights

Happy new week everyone!

It's the middle of August and I'm in a slight panic.
I'm realizing that summer is slowly slipping away.
It's my favorite season because I like the weather
(even if it can get a bit steamy and humid) &
there are so many things going on outdoors.

So I promise to dine outside as often as I can
whether it's at the park, the terrace of a nearby
restaurant or just my balcony.

And it's this reason why all this week, it's all about
"summer lights" and how to make them.

Let's start the week with this one:

blah: empty soda bottles

Fill them with something colorful like beads, marbles, beans,
cute-shaped pasta or sweets (ex. Smarties wafer candy).
Other options include gum balls or gummy bears.

Then add candles and TADA!, a pretty and
practical centerpiece for a picnic table!


  1. Thanks Sooz! What's even more TADA! is that there are many options to use for filling the bottles :)


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